Work, especially in real estate, may or may not be at the top of your priority list during the upcoming holiday season. There are several reasons why a realtor should leverage these final months as a time to work hard and still generate leads.

No need to feel like this time of the year is a time when you should slow your marketing efforts. There are so many reasons, statistics, and benefits that prove how this time of year is a perfect time for a realtor to still market to leads and close deals.

There are ample benefits of marketing to leads during these last few months. The more you get your name out there the more likely you are going to get referrals.

You can use modern technology like CRM or real estate software platforms to find more qualified leads that may be looking to sell or buy during these last few months of the year. By starting and sticking to a marketing strategy now, you can get more deals than the average amount of deals per year.

By starting to market now you can be a top realtor homeowners pick since they are more likely to pick a realtor that has more of a marketing effort. Lastly, it is a good benefit for realtors to market right now because of how many buyers are looking to buy homes.

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According to, thirty percent of leads a realtor gets will come from referrals. This is why it is so important to not cut down on your marketing efforts. By continuing your marketing, you may be able to get some referrals from previous clients or even new leads that you are reaching out to you.

The more leads you market to means the more referrals you can get meaning more possible closings.

Leverage modern technology. According to, realtors that utilize technology are more likely to make one hundred thousand dollars or more in commission. There are several tools out here you can use for your marketing and contacting leads.

Using technology can allow you to generate more leads, close more deals and ultimately make more money. Make sure you have incorporated technology into your marketing strategy during the upcoming holidays.

Real Estate Express states that the average realtor closes twelve deals per year. Investing into marketing can allow you to reach this number as well as surpass this number. Working on marketing now allows you as a realtor to now be able to generate more leads and therefore have more deals. ‘

You can launch a marketing campaign now that allows you to build up a list of leads that can cause you to have deals to close not only this year but starting off next year.

As a realtor, you should continue to use marketing strategies during the holidays because many homeowners like it. According to, homeowners are 73% more likely to allow a realtor to list their home if the realtor has a video that can get their home sold.

Using drone photography will get a home sold faster. Thus you may want to consider advancing your marketing tactics to help homeowners to get their home sold.

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In 2019, home prices were selling anywhere from 95% to 99% of their listed prices. Right now is a great time for many homeowners to sell. With mortgage rents being so low, there are many people looking to buy.

Going into the holiday season can be a promising time for homeowners looking to sell, buyers looking to make purchases, and realtors looking to gain new leads. Take advantage of how so many people are interested in buying right now.

Generating leads right now can be an exciting and profitable way for a realtor to close some deals. People are wanting to move maybe because of COVID and some will want to be settled into their new home by the new year.

People are still looking to make purchases. All of this is proof by how residential sales are up by 35% when compared to residential sales this time last year. In 2019, houses were sitting on the market for less time than the year before.

According to Realtors of Edmonton, there was a 1.43% decrease in how long houses sat on the market from year to year. If this trend continues, then houses will not sit on the market as long during these final months of 2020.

In addition, don’t forget how working hard these last few months will set you up for a strong new year. Not many will be working hard to set themselves up for the new year.

By taking advantage of all the people who may not be ready to sell now but would like to sell next year, you can set yourself up for a successful year. Start the year off with plenty of leads by marketing right now.

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