Did you know that Google is a website that sees about 63,000 search queries every second? With such a whopping amount, you will need to find a way to rank your search as the first on Google. And the perfect way to do this is by using SEO and its tools.  

However, if you are not well-versed with the ways of SEO, don’t worry! In this article, we will walk you through 5 main things you need to know about SEO as a real estate agent. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

5 Main Things A Real Estate Agent Needs To Focus On

5 things every real estate agent should focus on

Optimizing your content to make it SEO-friendly can be a very daunting task. 

However, with the following five tips, you can make it a lot easier to develop SEO content that can help your real estate business rank in Google and improve lead generation for real estate agents!

Tip #1: Prioritize Link Building

One of the most critical factors that will decide your rank on Google is to focus on your link. These are vital tools that can help to increase your business’s search engine ranking on Google effectively.

And the best way to rake the ranks is by creating unique, attractive, catchy lines directly from trustworthy websites. This will help develop a good reputation for your business and will also give you a better outreach.

To do this, you will have to reach out to well-established writers, bloggers, publishers, and web admins to get more attention to your content. However, this outreach program will take a lot of time, patience, and dedication. 

However, your hard work and efforts will pay off when you find that your content is getting recognition, which increases your business’s exposure and helps earn the best rankings on Google.

5 things every real estate agent should focus on

Tip #2: Make SEO-Friendly Content

One of the simplest yet effective ways of raking your rank is by creating SEO-friendly content. The content you create will be the deciding factor for Google’s search engine rankings.

Want to know how to create high-quality SEO-friendly content for your real-estate business? Follow the steps below!

  • Research all the relevant topics and audience and determine the keywords
  • Use the keywords wherever possible (For example, the main content, meta tags, header tags, and so on)
  • Upload your content on a fast, responsive website
  • Promote the SEO content via influencers

Tip #3:  Have A Fast Responsive Website

Yet another easy way to rake your Google ranking is by building a fast, responsive real estate website.

The website will give you the freedom to change and adapt to any device. Your target audience might be viewing it from a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, but a responsive website adapts to it all with no difficulty.

5 things every real estate agent should focus on

Tip #4 Boost CTR

Also known as click-through rate, the term defines the total percentage of viewers who click on your content’s link via Google’s search results. 

For instance, if 100 users view your content on apartments in Google’s search results, but only 50 users click on it, your CTR percentage will be 50%.

In reality, the CTR percentage will be lesser than 50%, as seen in the example. However, if you boost this value, you can bring your content to the #1 spot. 

Here are a few ways you can build up your CTA: 

  • Incorporate you main keyword at the beginning of your desired title tag
  • Include the main keyword and all other related keywords in the meta-description
  • Make use of the schema markup (general ratings, how-to’s, and more)
  • Regular monitor your page’s CTR percentage via Google Search Console

Tip #5: Add Vibrant Visuals And Videos

Nobody wants to see long boring walls of endless texts in online content relating to housing and properties. Therefore, make sure to add SEO-friendly visuals to your content to rank up on Google’s search results.

Take a few examples from the points below to add SEO-friendly visuals to spruce up your real estate content:

  • Optimize the name of your visual, like “Stunning-affordable-apartment” instead of “IMG001”
  • Create an alt tag that is well-optimized as well, like “stunning three BHK apartment for affordable prices” instead of “buy this apartment”
  • Use SEO tools to create compressed visuals
  • Your videos should also adhere to SEO standards, like with the following tips:
  • Follow a well-structured data pattern for videos
  • Create a clean video transcript
  • Include a customized thumbnail
  • Come up with a catchy description and title using the main keyword to get the user’s attention

You can also get the helping hand of 2local digital marketing services to sort out your queries!

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, folks! The most detailed 1seo digital marketing tips that every agent needs to know.

The simplest way to get your business to the top is by including SEO as a standard practice with all your online content. Make sure to follow all the tips mentioned in this article down to the T, and you can be sure to rake the ranks to get faster results in no time!

So now that you know, it’s time to act on it. Good luck!

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