Get More Sales from Your

Digital Marketing

Don’t waste any more money on campaigns that don’t reach your potential customers

Get More Sales from Your
Digital Marketing

Don’t waste any more money on campaigns that don’t reach your potential customers

Ways We Help

Social Media Management

In order to create a strong brand, it is important to build a social presence on the major social media platforms.

Paid Advertising

Organic reach on social media is down. Paid gives you fast results.


Analytics can help your business to not just understand your customer but also improve how you market to them.

You Need a Partner NOT an Agency

As your partner our goal is to help you beat your competition and generate more revenue.

How Your Business is Wasting 50% Of Its Marketing Budget

It’s time for you and your company to be positioned, as trusted experts to provide your customers, prospects and team with valuable insight and strategies that produce tangible results. Consistently.

Tired of Wasting Time and Money?

Some of our clients come to us because they feel like they wasted time or money with past campaigns and agencies. Many of them because they tried and failed alone.

Working with an agency shouldn’t be this way.

The only way to truly get more sales from your digital marketing efforts is for it to be value driven and showcase transparency.

Digital marketing can be confusing but we take pride in simplifying the process for our clients and delivering results on a consistent basis.

When you book a consultation with us, together we’ll develop a plan specifically tailored to meet your business goals.

The simple truth is, we care about your business as much as you do. Your business is more complex than just digital marketing, so you need someone that understands the big picture and all the moving parts that go into a successful partnership.

If you’re ready to beat your competition and increase your revenue, click the button below and book a Consultation today.

3 Steps to Getting More Sales in the Next 90 days

What our Customers are Saying

“I have been working with Marlon for just a short amount of time now but In the last 15 days he’s gotten me 44 leads at $3 and some change each and thousands of views on my videos. And the best part is, is that not only does he do that kind of stuff but he sends me information every day of different ideas of things that I can do.”

Andrea Mergerdichian, Agent @ Coldwell Banker Hallmark Realty
“I am not a spring chicken so this whole social media thing is completely new to me, but I’m so excited I got connected with him. I can’t even tell you how many leads, and here’s the best part. He’s always available when I’m calling him texting him, and for people like me who aren’t all that tech savvy, he’s got information and videos that teach me how to do everything.”
Ann Marie Ahern, Agent @ Coldwell Banker Hallmark Realty

“I just have to give a special shout out to Marlon because he is giving me so many leads I can’t even follow up with them in my real estate business you guys like literally I have dozens and dozens of leads that are sitting there that I haven’t even been able to call. So, hit up Marlon if you need lead generation.”

Angel Collins, Rodeo Realty- Beverly Hills
“So if you’re looking for somebody to help you social media management ads, all that fun stuff, check out my man Marlon at social buzzn, we’re getting started, he helped us a ton with chat bots and setting up campaigns and really getting some insights into how the ads work and how to best spend your money. He’s a great dude he’s got that hustle and he actually puts in the work great guy, highly recommended.”
Justin Kunikow, CEO of Prime Real Estate Brokerages (Canada)
“Social buzzn has been a key factor in our growth! From day one marlon took over the the marketing and we’ve never looked back. And the best part is he delivers results consistently!”
Johnny Margarini, President/CEO of Point Mortgage

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