We are a boutique digital marketing agency based out of Los Angeles, that aims to harness the strength of direct marketing, track marketing budgets and improve ROI for our clients.


A mutual co-operation with our clients is integral for a good work. This is why we have a firm belief in professional and effective communication- necessary for a thriving bond between client and customer.


Since the needs of every business or brand are different, we believe in developing customized digital marketing solutions which are in sync with your specific principles and goals. Using our fine skills and experiences, we ensure excellent management of your marketing campaign.


Not compromising on quality, we deliver high-quality results through great attention to details and plenty of strenuous efforts. Ensuring timely deliveries, the work passes through the stages of proofreads, multiple revisions and edits to achieve perfection.


We partner with business that share of values and are committed to long term-relationship. Without hiding anything, we deliver work with absolute honesty and transparency. Taking short cuts to deliver work is a big NO for us.


We make sure to take total responsibility and accountability of our promised work through the development of detailed reporting reflecting a blend of qualitative and quantitative campaign results, main objectives and key learning points.


Innovating entails transforming new ideas into tangible results. We innovate to make a difference and maximize our chances at success.

Marlon Aquino
Marlon Aquino Founder and CEO of Social Buzzn
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