The Issue so Many Agents Face

The biggest obstacle with real estate marketing today isn’t that there are no ways to do it. It’s that there are so many! How do you build a real plan when there are so many choices?

Whose opinion can you trust? Should you pay for lead building services from cold-calling brokerages, or buy leads on Zillow Premier? If you’re not tech-savvy, what can you really do to build your real estate brand?

Don’t worry. It’s not as overwhelming as it feels when you’re lost in the woods. You can learn how to manage your real estate marketing in a way that makes sense for your business.

whose opinion can you trust

Lead Generation for Realtors Today

Many realtors today don’t know how to generate their own leads. So, they turn to a service like Zillow Premiere or a broker to buy a list of leads. The issue with buying a list of leads is that these leads didn’t necessarily agree to speak directly with you, so some trust is lost when you contact them. The value and quality of those leads comes into question.

Another option is using paid ads from services like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. In this strategy, you can build some trust with a prospect and convince them to become part of your funnel. This takes more time, especially when you’re getting started, but you have more faith earned from the lead.

But is this really a thing realtors do? Yes.

Did you know that, on average, users spend 35 minutes on Facebook every day? That they’re on YouTube for 40 minutes? You can compare this to a social network like Twitter, where the average is actually only a single minute.

People are on Facebook and YouTube a lot. While there, the social networks are gathering data on the users’ interests. While users are absorbed in the social network, one of the things they’re seeing are advertisements tailored to their interests.

Worldwide, Facebook users click on 12 ads every 30 days. In their 35 minutes a day on the network, they are seeing ads repeatedly before their attention is grabbed and they click. This is actually a great thing because it means that those users have repeat exposure and the ads they’re saying have the opportunity to brand build with these users.

For realtors, this exposure means becoming recognized as an expert for their neighborhood. It means getting their message out there. It means building a relationship over time with an audience.

Users who’ve recently been looking up houses or real estate information are going to be seeing advertisements from realtors. Will you be one of them?

today trust matters with clients more than ever

How a Realtor Builds a Brand With Paid Ads

Let’s take an example of Barbara, a realtor looking to build her brand as a neighborhood expert in a farm area. Barbara can either learn to begin her own Facebook ads, or Google Ads, or she can hire a real estate marketing expert to help her.

She then chooses her Ads based on a geo-targeted location, so she is sending her message to people in that area. She writes ad copy targeted to people who live in that farm area. Her ads include keywords farmers would be interested in and play up the acreage of the properties.

She links these prospects from the ads to pages where people can contact her or sign up for her newsletter or other service, so she can build trust with these prospects over time.

manychat for messenger

Making Yourself Accessible With Manychat

Sometimes, your leads may email you right away. Or they want to passively sign up for a newsletter. Some people will follow your social media accounts. Others will want to message you via text.

By being available in as many places as possible, you can reply quickly and build trust. That’s a lot of accounts to manage though, which is where a tool like Manychat comes in. You can appear to be everywhere, but manage messengers from one place.

Taking Control of Your Real Estate Marketing

Is buying real estate leads in 2021 worth it? When there are so many more options where you can build your brand and control your lead generation, buying real estate leads is inefficient. Today, trust matters with clients more than ever. They trust Facebook and Google Ads. It’s harder to build trust with leads from a purchased list.

Of course, setting up Facebook or Google Ads requires more knowledge and work. If you’re ready to be focused on your clients and paperwork, you can contact our time to build quality Facebook or Google Ads for lead generation tailored to your brand. This way, you can bring in the leads that are of most value to your business.

You are not helpless to depending on lead generation services to build your business. If you’re ready to level up your real estate marketing, contact our team today. My team and I make marketing simple.

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