Are you an agent looking for lead generation? Zillow Flex is a program offering referrals that you should consider.

It has gained popularity among Zillow Premier Agents, allowing you to receive leads with no upfront cost.

Using this Zillow Flex program, agents get a chance to pay after successfully closing transactions.

Zillow, through this approach, has attracted more people to the program, with new customers considering taking up the method for lead generation.

Zillow is a leading distributor model in different regions.

The program works through Zillow Flex, connecting customers in other areas with buyer leads.

However, the catch for this excellent referral program is paying a 35% commission. Is it worth it?

Read on to learn more. 

Zillow flex

What are the Pros of Zillow Flex?

• Zillow Flex does not require any cost to join.

• Zillow Premier Agents get a chance for exposure in the business market.

• Charges are needed after the close of a sale. Only then does Zillow receive any form of payment.

• Zillow enables one to catch leads without any investment required.

What are the Cons of Zillow Flex?

• The 35% commission is high. They are ranked the most expensive, mainly when paying for closings.

• Zillow chooses the people involved to participate. Zillow Premier Agents and other permitted individuals or agencies are the ones allowed.

• Zillow Flex also risks lowering profits in natural estate-supported industries. Less marketing can affect their work due to a lack of finances to support.

As discussed, the referral fee of 35% only applies when a transaction is closed.

After you procure a transaction, you deduct a fee, and details are handled using the purchase status and the customer.

Details of the customer are signed into Zillow Flex to ensure that the client goes under a contract.

The details Zillow offers allow you to choose any form of payment they want after closing.

Therefore, for customers who are most interested in lead generation in their business, Zillow Flex can be a good choice.

Zillow Flex

Is it Worth it?

It depends. The program is one of the best opportunities for individuals who would need an opportunity to build their businesses.

Agents can use the opportunity to develop better markets and relations with other individuals in the industry.

However, other agents with other lead generation programs may not consider Zillow because of the expensive lead sources for the market.

Agents who may not mind the fee may consider the exposure Zillow offers to build their demand and experience.

The program can benefit people who want to understand the working of the industry and the best way to grow investments.

However, the Zillow leads may not be assured, and thus it may not be practical for some people.

Agents need to understand that before taking on the opportunity, it is essential that they work on options and understand why the dynamics of the program.