TikTok is a social media platform that lets you create short videos to immediately grasp your target audience’s attention. It’s no wonder that even for real estate agents, it’s the next platform to go for in SEO digital marketing

TikTok lets you reach a wide audience with relatable and creative content. Plus, it’ll help you in easy realtor lead generation. Read ahead to know why TikTok is crucial in real estate digital marketing in modern times.

Why Are Real Estate Agents Turning To TikTok?

Real Estate Agent is a challenging career; you need to keep up with the times. So, you need to indulge in real estate digital marketing to get more clients and earn your bread and butter. The reason for TikTok’s growing popularity amongst realtors is listed below. 

Let’s you be authentic

Real estate agents found that TikTok lets them be their authentic selves. They were able to show homes in their unique style and get guaranteed realtor lead generation. Plus, TikTok trends helped them reach a wider audience and get more clients to sell real estate. 

Moreover, uniqueness in your content piques the interest of your followers and helps you have a successful real estate digital marketing strategy. 

You can use Humor to Generate leads

Often real estate can be a dry subject. Real estate agents have found that they can use humor and make real estate interesting, exciting, and get laughs. This is a great SEO digital marketing strategy to make realtors popular and unique. 

You show house with comical skits and make the house so memorable that there’s no doubt about getting clients. 

You can make it about the homes

If comedy and trends are not your realms, you can make it all about the homes as realtors. Showcase the homes in the best of light with unique descriptions and short vlogs on TikTok to draw your follower’s attention. 

TikTok is a dynamic platform and offers easy realtor lead generation using various tactics. You needn’t use merely a single tactic. You can use humor, entertainment, or merely display the homes you wish to sell uniquely. Professional content can also help in real estate digital marketing.

Realtors Can Educate their Followers

You can use TikTok to educate your followers regarding real estate properties and related information as realtors. You can use TikTok for a perfect SEO digital marketing strategy by talking about home inspections, rent vs. buy, five things to keep in mind while buying real estate, and so much more. 

You can Get Immediate Engagement with Call To Action

Realtor lead generation becomes quicker on TikTok because you can ask a question or put a call to action with your videos. These elicit responses in the form of comments, DMs, and more on your post. Plus, when you ask a question, you increase the engagement with your post and boost it for perfect SEO digital marketing.

Some Popular Real Estate Agent’s TikTok Handles 

Now that you know why real estate agents are turning to TikTok for marketing, you might want some examples, isn’t it?

Daniel Heider 

Daniel Heider is a real estate agent who uses TikTok for his real estate digital marketing strategy. He’s broker and shares videos of luxury homes for sale on the east coast. He gives his 2.6 million followers a nice home tour of luxury homes. 

Inspector AJ

Inspector AJ is a professional home inspector and shows homes inspections. This shows people looking to buy real estate what to expect in home inspections. It gives an insight into home inspection fails too. This real estate SEO digital marketing strategy helps in educating home buyers and gives them home improvement tips. 

Stevie Soucie

Steve Soucie is a real estate coach, mentor, and agent who gives easy realtor lead generation tips to his 72.6K followers. He also educates home buyers with real estate investing insights on his TikTok videos. The content is entertaining, informative, and fun. 

Wrapping Up

With times moving towards the digital world completely, even real estate agents must adapt and use real estate digital marketing strategies. TikTok is the next platform for a real estate agent for SEO digital marketing, and social media marketing. 

It helps in easy realtor lead generation. Plus, it helps create unique, authentic, creative, relatable, educative, and informative content to reach and get more clients.

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