Real estate is one of the most competitive fields. An able real estate agent needs the assistance of several tools to stay ahead in this competition. A real estate agent should have professional networking with other professionals present in their area of operation.

They also need to have great expertise in dealing with clients who want to sell or buy properties. Apart from their skillset, some online productivity tools help enhance their performance.

These tools are used to keep real estate agents organized and make them more competent in their work. Below are some important tools that you should have in your toolkit to become a competent real estate agent.

Information and Document Sharing Software

A real estate agent has to deal with numerous important documents. These documents are not just between you and the clients but with other professionals as well.

If the documentation gets lost or falls into the wrong hands, it could be risky. Having tools and applications that provide you a safe platform for information and document sharing is necessary.

Google Drive and Dropbox are two such tools that you can use for document sharing. Only the people who have permission to view the documents will be able to do it. This keeps it safe from the hands of unwanted people.

You get access to Google Calendar, Google Documents, Gmail, and Google Sheets from one Google account. This is in addition to using Google Drive for sharing and editing documents. However, with Dropbox, you cannot edit documents but only share them with the other party.

Creation and Promotion

Having tools that you can use for promotion and creation is essential. You can also use the tools to share the created images and promotions to make the structure more organized.

Some of these tools are –

Canva – For easy and quick image editing – For creating marketing videos used for real estate social media marketing

Evernote – For taking notes with cloud sync feature – For promoting the personal brand with templates

Slack – For group communications with team members

Dotloop or Docusign – For handling signatures required during selling and buying

Social Tools for PR and Client Outreach

Social tools that you can use for client outreach and PR should be present in your toolkit. These help you in communication and in bringing out correct information to your clients. You can use these tools for creating resources, listings, and updates.

Some popular tools are –

MailChimp – A popular mailing list service where you can create small mail lists for free. Help send mass mail or newsletters with just a click for real estate lead generation.

HomeStack – An application that helps build your personal brand. It showcases the areas you work in and provides property information and listings to the client directly.

Hootsuite – Provides you with multiple tools to help different social media platforms. You can schedule posts or create automated posts which enhance your digital marketing services.

Matterport – The tools help you show floor plans, create 3D plans with measurements, direct posting to social media platforms, 360-degree virtual tools, etc.

Summing Up

Real estate needs proper collaboration between different parties. In the technological era, having the right tools keeps you ahead of your competitors. Your prospective clients will find your brand to be more suitable for their purchases.

Most of these tools are easy to use and will not require high-end skills. It will make your work easier and enhance your digital marketing services. Use these tools to expand your business and provide a great experience to your clients.

You can use all or some of these tools to become proficient in your field.

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