Everything to know about Clubhouse App and whether or not to believe the hype.

I came across the Clubhouse App through an invite from a friend of mine but to be honest, at the time, I wasn’t sure I was ready to jump into a new social media platform. How some of you are probably feeling right now, and I get it. I had enough joggle between Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Anyway more on the app.

The Clubhouse app was developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davidson and ex-google employee Rohan Seth. Since the launch, its popularity has grown rapidly. The new app is available for those that use the Apple iOS operating system. The app will allow a person to drop in on audio chats. These chats can be with friends, family members, or other professionals in your industry. This app will also allow a person to talk with others from around the world using their smartphone.

So what?!

While this may seem like just another phase in social media it takes a different approach. Some people are being added to the Clubhouse daily. People are allowed to talk to friends and family. They can also talk to new people from anywhere in the world. While it may be a little slow to get going once people use this app and get to talking with others it will be the next big craze in social media and allowing people to connect. Right now users need an invite to sign up to the Clubhouse so it will not take off until users can access it on their own.

Clubhouse allows a person to drop in for an audio conversation. There is no need to have serious talks and in fact, light and entertaining conversations are encouraged. What is great about this app is that people can connect with others from anywhere in the world. They can talk to people that are thousands of miles away and learn about new cultures, business strategy, or simply network with like-minded individuals. This is something that users can experience and enjoy.

While users can enjoy this app it can be used by professionals as well. A real estate professional can use Clubhouse to talk to people about the homes they are selling. They will be able to talk to local buyers and they will be able to talk to those that are looking to relocate. And the opportunity to network with other realtors, loan officers, investors are limitless.

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What Makes Clubhouse Different?

Although there are no video capabilities, there are some great features of this app. This is different from other social media sites. When a person can talk to others and hear their voice it is more personal. They will be able to build connections. When a realtor is using Clubhouse they can hear the voice and concerns of their clients. And even better, network with other professionals in your field no matter their location. If you’re active on the app and joining discussions the result from that will be more followers on the app itself, and the only two other link you’re allowed to add to other platforms which is Twitter and Instagram, so make sure to include them in your bio. Besides the growth in following you’d also be increasing your level of authority by providing valuable advice and showing up consistently. Right now the only issue is that Clubhouse only works with iPhones. It is unclear if there is an Android version in development. It is great for making a personal and professional connection. Distance is now a thing of the past.

Unique Features of Clubhouse

Think of Clubhouse as a panel. When you enter a room you’ll have moderators, speakers, and below them listeners. Some of the features of Clubhouse make the app interesting and outstanding some of which are discussed below:

  • It is one of the newest audio chat-based apps making waves in the modern tech world.
  • There are various famous people that have tried it including Mark Cuban, Kevon Hart, and Oprah.
  • In beta and thus not available for the general public. 
  • Clubhouse is also a new invite-only voice-based social media app.
  •  Since no conversations are saved on the app, you always have to be available during the conversation or risk missing out.
  • Unfortunately, this app has also been mired in controversy even before being available for the public.
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Clubhouse Etiquette

One of the biggest challenges that come with most present-day social media platforms is the lack of good culture and rules to govern the users. Clubhouse however seems to have handled the same pretty well by putting in place one of the best cultures and regulations to govern its users which is quite moving for such a new platform. The culture is meant to put everyone under control and it entails some of the practices discussed below:

  1. It is a requirement for any newbie to dedicate some time to read the room before they participate.
  2. You should also give adequate value to the conversations that you are privileged to take part in.
  3. In cases where you are the speaker, always be sure to mute yourself anytime you are not speaking and only unmute when you have a contribution to make to the conversation.
  4. To demonstrate applause as a speaker, you can turn your microphone on and off in instant succession to signal the same which is referred to as the Clubhouse clap.
  5. Always follow the speakers that you got value from to help you get notifications anytime they speak.

Final Note…

If the rules are followed and moderators do a good job at directing, and being inclusive with everyone that wants to participates, I do see the Clubhouse app cementing their spot in the social media world and own their space. Lastly, I don’t cover this in the article but the Clubhouse app is ideal for podcasters and anyone just wanting another source of traffic.

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