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Instagram guides are a cross between blog posts and Instagram carousels. You can create them using places, product listings, or pre-published posts from a public or private account. Each Instagram guide features a title, introduction, optional description of the entries, and a cover image.

Initially, Instagram Guides were inspired by traveling enthusiasts who shared more about different locations using the feature. But since the pandemic hit and affected traveling globally, Instagram released this feature as a wellness theme in May 2020.

And in November the same year, the social media platform expanded this feature for all users and topics as well.

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How to Use Instagram Guides?

If you are new to Instagram Guides, then the first step must be understanding how it works. To help you through this process, here is how you can create Instagram Guides with posts:

1. On your Instagram profile, click on the upper-right corner plus symbol

2. Then select Guide

3. Tap on Posts

4. Once you are on posts, you can choose either from your feed or saved posts from other public Instagram accounts.

5. Click the Next button

6. This is where you now add your Guide, Title, and Description. Similarly, you can also change the default cover photo in this tab.

7. Ensure you double-check the place name and edit it according to your liking.

8. Click on Add-Place and apply steps 4-8 again to finish your Guide.

9. Click Next in your profile’s upper-right corner, and the Share button afterward.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you would have successfully created your first Instagram Guide. Because this feature is now open to all topics and users, Instagram Guides is becoming very demanding among realtors.

It’s a growth hack that helps real estate accounts or agents get the following capable of bringing in business. But how exactly can Instagram Guides contribute positively to Real Estate?

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Here is how:

How to Use Instagram Guides for Real Estate?

As mentioned earlier, you can create Instagram Guides for posts, places, and products. When it comes to creating an Instagram Guide for Real Estate, then it’s more like creating guides for places.

Therefore, realtors can create Instagram Guides for places as a way of promoting available units. The “Places” option on Instagram Guides enables you to create a collection of posts that highlight the places where the Instagram post was tagged on.

Hence, this is ideal in showcasing or explaining your expertise as a realtor in the tagged location. Moreover, your post will also consist of a profile picture and the relevant information for the location you are featuring.

For instance, you can create Instagram Guides for a neighbourhood guide, new construction communities, and a recommended vendors guide. The latter example is to keep in touch with past customers, as you form deeper relationships with the industry partners.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to attract new customers, interact with past ones, or expand your realtor experience to new grounds, Instagram Guides can help you get there. You can use either of the three options, including posts, products, and places as a growth hack for your business.

Remember, it’s all about offering people value after interesting them with your posts. When you do this, it will be easier to operate efficiently with your customers.

Leave any questions or thoughts in the comment section below.

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